Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Review

Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Review

This is a wonderful sounding arrangement of the best smallest earbuds, you can check Electro Guides for more earbuds reviews. These smallest Bluetooth earbuds contain a lot of space for you to make a custom EQ inside the free portable application. You get a lot of features and elements that are commonly held for pricier headsets like aptX support and multi-driver plan. In any case, the Liberty 2 Pro is flawed with its unique design and available with control customization choices.

  • These smallest wireless earbuds are released on 31 May 2021.
  • Their price is $79.99 USD.
  • They contain N/A dimensions.
  • The weight of the earbuds is 8 grams per bud and the weight of their case is 5 grams.
  • Their Model number is AK-A3909011.
  • These tiny Bluetooth earbuds have resistivity against the water and sweating.
  • These are waterproof and contain an IPX4 rating.
  • In these earbuds, you are able to choose voice assistant or volume controls, because these buds lack multipoint connections.

Suppose you are after great-sounding genuine wireless earbuds, at that point, this is a decent purchase. The charging case is a delight to utilize and the sliding component makes it one of the cherished designs to date. The pairing and connection strength are strong.

Resistivity and Stability :

You will expect a couple of true wireless earbuds for the exercise center. At that point, you’ll be glad to hear that these tiniest earbuds have an IPX4 rating. These mini wireless earbuds can withstand pretty much all the sweat and water splashes you pour onto them. The Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro offers an exceptionally adjusted armature driver and 11mm powerful driver. The buttons on top of each earbud offer material feedback and are not difficult to track a lot of thoughts.

How to Control the Earbuds :

One tap on either button of the earbud will stop and play music, or pick the calls. On the left bud, a two-fold tap either gets back to the past music and songs or jumps. By tapping on the right bud, you can jump to the following tune. Holding down the right button expands the volume while holding down the left one will minimize the volume.

App of Soundcore 2 Pro :

You can tweak the buttons and furthermore reroute them to get to the voice associate on your telephone. Once you need to download the app of Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro. The application is accessible on both Android and iOS devices. This app offers you an equalizer setting. Soundcore offers a sound test to make a custom sound profile with its Hear ID programming.

Pairing and Connectivity:

The Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro gets a lot of things in the tech office and uses Bluetooth 5.0. it upholds both AAC and aptX, so regardless of whether you’re on Android or iOS. Lip-sync issues are negligible when watching recordings on your telephone or tablet.

The Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro is simply placed in the charging case and closes the cover so the earbuds power off. Then, at that point, open the cover however don’t eliminate the earbuds. There should be a white sparkling LED that shows the buds have entered blending mode.

Battery Timing :

Anker shows that the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro best earbuds offer battery timing of about 8 hours with the charging case. This also gives an additional three charges. In our testing, we got 8 hours, 35 minutes which is better compared to Anker’s case. The case additionally has true wireless so you can put it on any Qi remote charging mat and squeeze it up to full.

Noise-Canceling :

The Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro earbuds do not contain active noise cancellation (ANC) wireless earbuds. So low and midrange recurrence sounds are not actually shut out. Higher frequencies (above 1kHz) are calmed a piece however not reliably. These tiniest earbuds calm accidental sounds like close-by babble and the thump and ding of dishware in your beloved coffeehouse. However, it can not measure up to a decent arrangement of noise-canceling headphones or earphones.

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