Drug Withdrawal: Help for Women

Why do some people abuse alcohol or drugs, discover more? Many reasons can be attributed to the addiction of substances. Some are addicted to drugs or alcohol as they seek temporary comfort or escape. While others just want to enjoy themselves. Drug abuse and alcoholism can become an issue when the occasional activity becomes necessary. Specially women are affected by this as their physiology can be easily affected. The condition of addiction in women is more serious and they need to seek rehabilitation if their situation becomes out-of-hand. It is more popular than ever for women to go to drug rehab.

Withdrawing from alcohol and drugs can have devastating effects. In my mind, heroin is perhaps the most frequently used street drug among the opiates. Many prescription medications, which are basically opiate painkillers, are misused. Drugs in the opiate group are dangerous. They can become problematic if you forget to take a prescribed dose. The opiate family of drugs is dangerous and highly addictive if you take large amounts.

When withdrawal symptoms are severe, alcohol and benzodiazepines may be deadly. You won’t die from withdrawal. The side effects will include psychological problems, muscle cramps, or flu like symptoms. It is common to experience symptoms of flu such as diarrhea, chills or cold sweat, along with shivering.

Only 36 to 48 hour’s duration is expected for the side effects. But it is the mental effects which are of greatest concern. The list includes anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal ideas, and depression. The effects should last for a long time. If they do, then you need to see a doctor. A specialist is available at every Drug Rehab for Women to help with cases like this.

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