Top Fire Facts for Kids

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Fire produced due to a chemical reaction when some substances chemically combine with oxygen from the air and during this process, we get bright light, heat and smoke also.

Fire requires oxygen and fuel like petrol, gas, wood, coal etc.

Flame is a part of fire that we can see and feel. It can be in different colors and temperature depends what is burning.

The temperature of Dark red color flame is around 500 to 600 degree Celsius

The temperature of dull red color flame is around 600 to 800 degree Celsius

The temperature of orange color flame is around 1000 to 1200 degree Celsius

The temperature of Bright yellow color flame is around 1200 to 1400 degree Celsius

The temperature of white color flame is around 1400 to 1600 degree Celsius

IF we light a candle, its flame will be orange and temperature of flame will around 1000 degree Celsius. The top part of flame is hottest part, middle part is moderately hot and the lower part is least hot part.

For humans, it could be very dangerous if don’t adopt safety precautions as it can burn skin easily in seconds. When using a fire, you should keep away all fuel source like oil, gas, wood, paper, cloth.

But it is very useful if we use it carefully, we use if for lighting, cooking our food and to get heat in winters.

Fire has different names in different languages. In some countries, people worship fire.

IF you want to know how to say fire in different languages, then visit TheDifferentLanguages.

Earth is the only planet in this universe where fire can burn because there is no oxygen anywhere except earth.

A forest fire also called wildfire can be very dangerous, as it destroys the trees and wildlife in minutes. Forest grass and dry wood is perfect fuel for fire. It can destroy 25 kilometer area in 45 minutes.

It is not an easy task to stop fire in forest. Special aircraft are used with gallons of water and firefighting gels.

Every year, wildfire burn 5 million to 9 million acres area in United States.

Mostly wildfire occurs due to careless of humans who go there for camping and drop cigarette.

Fire can also destroys huge buildings in minutes and every year, thousands of buildings destroyed in the world due to fire. It is due to short circuit, leakage of gas or petrol. It is also due to human error during cooking, mechanically failure of stove, unfit heating system in apartments, carelessness during smoking and many other reasons.

Fire can be stopped or controlled by using water, carbon dioxide, dry chemicals or by removing fuel source or remove oxygen from there because fire need oxygen to burn. Wood fire can be put off by using water and metal fire can be put off by using sand.

Fire is mostly used for Burning, lighting, camping and cooking, heating, experiments and for melting things.

We should teach our children safety precautions during fire.

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