Fortnite Win Fights in Arena Guide

So i go ahead and push this guy anyway i approach this box from the left side giving myself a right hand angle on his box i take his wall slide a cone in like usual and then i pull the techo classic aka hitting a massive pump shot a poor player not wanting to suffer the same fate as this ttv friend makes one last attempt to launch pad away but i catch him out of the air and that ends the fight this fight really just shows the importance of playing together as a team especially if you’re against good players these were honestly pretty good but with our coordinated push me being able to grab the kill on the player that was pushing balance and my magical shaka name once again we were able to get through this fight pretty easily with that said moving into the fourth clip of this guide and this one is a quick 2v1 fight and i’ve really just wanted to use this to show the importance of pressure and fights in this situation we’re going into storm to hit a launch pad.

It turns out there’s actually another player coming right towards us my teammate calls out that there’s a player in a boat so i go to push up so when i’m pushing this player i grab a few quick shots and block him off with a cone so he can’t launch away at the same time my teammate continues spraying him and getting chip damage on him in this situation the player is in a really rough spot so with one player spraying and one player trying to box fight and with my pre-fight damage as well as the damage that my teammate got one quick triangle at it basically just gets me the kill the reason i wanted to include this quick fight was really just to show the importance of pressure whether it’s solos duos trios or even squads keeping consistent pressure on your opponent as well as getting chip damage is critical for winning fights in a lot of pro fights especially 2v2s you’re going to see one teammate spraying with an ar trying to get damage off while one player approaches from the other side and forces the player into a box fight obviously this was a bit easier.

It was a 2v1 fight but you’ll see this pattern in many other fights as well which is why i wanted to mention it in this guide moving on from that this next fight is actually from another duo match and it starts with my teammate getting knocked my first instinct here is to cover him up so he can’t get full killed and then i set up for a box fight one of the opponents tries to spray through my wall and i get a clean pre-fire shot right as he breaks.

It that right there is a classic move and it basically allows me to edit a triangle and clean him up right there i get my full kill and Pro Gaming Settings this sets up a 1v1 scenario against his teammate and honestly this next player didn’t cause too much of a problem i heard him above my box and knowing that the element of surprise as well as my aim would put me at a huge advantage i simply double at it and i clean up the kill the main takeaway here is that whenever you’re in a 1v2 scenario you should be focusing on handling one opponent at a time going for plays that they don’t expect as well as that learn this little pre-fire move that i did basically when your opponent is breaking your wall you have a quick moment right as they break it where they haven’t replaced it yet and you can basically shoot straight through and hit them with a huge shot it takes some practice to get the timing down but this can be insanely helpful once you learn.

It moving on to clip number six though and this is yet another duo clip with my boy wixie so starting off this clip where it’s sort of a standoff with two players on the edge’s own in these situations it’s best to make a move especially if the zone is far and you’re kind of just sitting there staring at one another we start a coordinated push coming from two different sides and we easily grab a few chip shots on our way over from there the other team is split apart and after hitting a clean shot for 100 damage look at that by the way that was so clean i’m able to clean this player up super easily.

The finish quite yet since the other player starts building up but since me and wixie are right next to one another and with one of the opponents down basically controlling the fight it’s super easy for me to grab a cone in the player’s box right hand peak and double pump him into oblivion this is a prime example of a clean fight with neither of us taking a single point of damage the entire time what we did was we played together coordinated our push got trip damaged shots as we went for height and then we targeted one player to turn it into a 2v1 and one little cone in a box cleans up the rest but with all that said that’s going to wrap it up for this guide on how to win more fights in arena.

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