How To Crouch in Fortnite?

Fortnite is one of the most played games in the gaming world. The popularity of Fortnite is due to its features and graphics. It is a user-friendly game and it is full of colorful graphics. Multiple maps players can select any map of their choice and start to play.

Each map has its attraction and views every map is different from the other. It has colorful animations and plenty of different weapons that the user can unlock by moving to upper levels.

The game also provides the feature of chatting players who can chat in a team through messages and voice chats. Fortnite has many different controls. Some people have a hard time finding these controls. The option of crouch appears only in the battle royale of the game. When you purchase the battle royale of the game then you can find the option of crouching. Crouch control is different on all platforms.

 How to do crouch on PC

If you are playing Fortnite on PC and want to know how to crouch then on the keyboard press the left ctrl key. If you find it hard to press while in the game then you can change the setting by going into the setting of the game and change the control.

How to crouch on PS4 and Xbox One

If you are using a different platform and don know how to crouch then first learn it and then apply it. If you are using the controller other than the mouse and keyboard then you can fully customize the setting by using liking. One of the biggest advantages of using the controller is that Fortnite provides many controller configurations which include standard, quick builder, and combat pro configuration. In a quick and standard layout, you can do crouching while using the left shoulder button. But on combat pro layout you can do crouching using the right thumbstick.

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