In the competitive marketplace of today, roofing contractors must leverage digital marketing tools to connect with their customers and to remain at the forefront in their industry. The geofencing approach is one of the most innovative strategies. It allows companies to use a systematic method for engaging customers in an area. In this article, we will explore in depth the roofing contractor geofencing marketing.

Learn about geofencing and marketing.

Geofencing (or location-based) marketing allows for businesses to focus on specific demographics within predetermined geographical areas. A virtual geofence can be set up around a particular location to allow roofing contractors to advertise their services on mobile devices in the area.

Geofencing and Roofing Contractors:

Localized Ads: Roofing contractors are able to deliver targeted advertisements by geofencing. With geofencing, businesses can focus on areas most likely to be in need of their services.

Real-Time Engagement: Geofencing helps roofing contractors engage in real-time with their potential customers. It is particularly helpful during times when there are a lot of roofing concerns, for example after storms.

Geofencing systems provide detailed analytics, such as customer dwell time and conversion paths. Return visits are also included. These data can be used to refine future campaigns and understand customer behavior.

Implementing Geofencing to Roofing Contractors

There are many steps involved in successful geofencing.

Identify your customer base: Identify where they are. The areas you choose could be residential communities, commercial buildings, and even recent storm affected areas.

Create Your Ad – Develop compelling ads that can be shown to prospective customers in the Geofenced Area. Include visuals that are compelling and CTAs to get prospects to move immediately.

Test, analyse, and refine. Analyze your campaign’s performance after it launches. When an approach doesn’t work as planned, make adjustments and refinements. For maximum campaign success, always make decisions based on data.