Do you understand why such a piece of art was coined as pop art, or is it just a marketing term?

Although pop art canvas pieces that were produced by technology are often dominated with bright, common patterns and objects, the central focus of all pieces is an image that defies Abstract Expressionism. Although many critics say the key reason for the classification of pop art canvas as a distinctive method and technique is the usage of colour and availability of readily available and accessible popular technology, the majority of them would agree that it’s the combination of these two factors.

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The question is, how close are the pop-art canvas pieces to those that we see during the peak period of formation and consolidation for the pop art technique?

Color is a unifying concept

We see that most of today’s pop art canvas works are electronic and digitally created representations that have been beautifully colored and vivid. Most of the pop art pieces that are being traded on the internet today were made in the image of works by one single artist. Marilyn Monroe Diptych & Andy Warhol is a good example of a portrait that can easily portray an artist. In spite of the relatively high production efficiency and demand for art, most ventures and commerce still refuse this straightforward method.

Universal Imagery

Pop art as well as its sub-branch, pop art canvases, are united by the idea of using a single central image to develop an art piece. Pop art is different from Abstract Expressionism in that it does away with the intricate background to establish an image as a work of art. While considered universal in nature, the fact is that no benchmark or standard was adhered by most artists. Pop art placed a lot of emphasis on the relativism principle.

Pop art evolves as an art technique. Pop art has a long-lasting appeal because it can transform common objects and everyday life into stunning art. While what is in fashion today can be a disaster tomorrow, pop-art’s adaptability to changing trends is key to its survival and evolution over time.

Imagery is a reflection of the Idealism in our world

While pop art has a similar aesthetic to other forms of art, its creation is more a reflection of the artist’s ideals than attempting to stand out visually and aurally. The uniqueness of pop and its variants such as the pop canvas makes it visually distinctive. This is because artists are not taught how to create a particular pattern.

Pop art aims to bring to light the beauty in what people often overlook. Pop art canvas, by using important images or portraits to create a pop art canvas, has helped bridge the gap that exists between Abstract expressionist art and everyday beauty. Pop artists elevate everyday items as art objects, a way to show that things are worth valuing.