The popularity of Fortnite game

The popularity of Fortnite game

The battle game is liked and appreciated by almost all around the world. About half of the generation is busy playing battle games. The biggest reason for its popularity is that battle games are portable.

They are available on PC’S, android phones, Consoles, and play store. So people find it easy to play anywhere they want to. The other reason for the popularity is its graphics the player can easily shot the opponent by just pressing the small button on the mobile phones.

The graphics of the game are user friendly and very easy to control sparkle specialist. The maps in the game are very attractive and they look likes real when you are playing in the field.

The sound effect in the game makes you feel like you are in a real battle. You can even chat in the game with your teammates and guide them through some build-in words.

If you don’t have time to type the message then you can enable the voice chat and directly come in contact with your fellow. The most important reason for the popularity is that this game provides you with the feature to play with anyone around the world.

How much money has Fortnite made:

Fortnite is a very popular game and available almost on all devices and can be playable with an internet connection. So it is very difficult to analyze how much money the game makes. In July 2020 Jermaine Leakz gave the statement the ‘Epic Games is now worth 17.86 Billion Dollars’.

In 2019 the revenue of Fortnite almost drops to 28% but still, it was the most played game in the world with a revenue of $1.8 billion. In the current year, the revenue of Fortnite has been seen to be $2.8 Billion.  The game earns this revenue due to its good management, well monetized, and ultra level features.

The game has been developed by skill full people who left no stone unturned in the game development. 350 million people are playing the game at this time the game is made for the age group of above 18 players. But it is also popular among the players under 18. Although the game is free it requires money to buy different items and players are willingly spending the money to buy the different items. The game has attracted many players and streamers.

More about the revenue of Fortnite:

As the game is popular among the young generation and streamers who have used the game to build their audience. Visit for more guides. People are earning through this game by doing live streaming on twitch and youtube.

The streamers have made the audience more towards the game. Almost half of the generation is busy playing the game and buying the cosmetics with the real money that money goes directly to the Epic .

The game has three modes save the world mode follows the premium model where the game is sold starting at $14.99. The battle royale mode of the game is free to play and in the third creative mode, the players can customize characters with real money.

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