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Car detailing includes the cleaning of carpets and mats as well as fabric upholstery. Cleaning carpets and mats is done by carpet cleaners that eject a solution of water and cleaning agents. In most cases, the chemical will be pre-sprayed and left to rest on the surface. The chemical can be mixed with water and sprayed on the surface. Let’s read more about mobile auto detailing in this site.

A wand for upholstery is attached to your machine. The extraction and flow of the chemicals, along with the pressure and flow from the machine, will help to clean without the need for vigorous agitation.

The difference is minimal between car detailing and normal carpet cleaning. There are still some differences between car detailing and carpet cleaning. Below are some tips to help you.

You can use heated output
No heating element is used in the conventional carpet cleaning system. The modern system has heating elements that can heat the output. Some machines are capable of delivering temperatures up to 210° Fahrenheit. A heated output will speed up and improve the efficiency of the cleaning.

A successful car detailing company will need to be able to work quickly. This job must be done as fast as possible. It takes a while for a product to heat up. Multi-heating elements machines can achieve the highest output temperature very quickly. They are perfect for auto detailing.

You can use different Wands
Quality of the wands that come with your machine is crucial to its overall cleaning efficiency. Most carpet cleaners use a long, flexible wand when cleaning the floor carpets of a home or office. However, they also have a shorter wand that is typically 4 inches wide. This is for car upholstery or carpeting.

The seat coverings can also be made from vinyl or leather. Leather and vinyl are common alternatives to fabrics. For these surfaces, it is best to use a vaporizer, which emits a very small amount of moisture.

Some new car wash machines offer a removable upholstery wand. For cleaning fabric and carpeting, it is better to use a small brush. This job is only possible if your mobile car wash includes the upholstery tool.

Time to Dry
A car detailing company’s success is heavily dependent on the drying time. Vehicle owners and businessmen alike want to receive their vehicle as quickly as they can. In general, vehicles do not arrive in time due to the lengthy drying process. It would be advantageous for business owners, as well customers, if drying times could be cut.

The steam detailing car equipment equipped with low-moisture technologies can greatly reduce the drying time. This technology allows for a reduction in the water transfer to the car surface, without impacting the effectiveness of mobile car washing equipment.

Buy green products
Synthetic detergents and Green Chemicals are the two types of cleaning agents that you will find in most steam car washing machines. The synthetic detergents can leave residue on the car’s surface. However, green chemicals don’t have this problem. Due to this quality, they are an essential car detailing tool along with auto carpet cleansing machines. It is for this reason that professional cleaners recommend the use of green chemicals in conjunction with a car steam wash machine.

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