Valheim Advanced Tips and Tricks Don’t Survive Dominate

Daniel MatthewDaniel MatthewMarch 23, 20215min00

Build Little Base

Once you build yourself a little base throw your ship components into a chest to make sure mobs don’t come along and destroy your ship because they will because they’re jerks the first thing you should do whenever you enter a sucker grip or a burial chamber is come to the entrance and actually set up a campfire doing this will allow you to remove the wet buff or debuff we guess if you if it was raining outside and also get rusted buff again as well and then you’ll be able to heal faster come back and rest if you take damage have the speed it up healing ticks and all that jazz it’ll just make your life all around easier as well as provide a little bit of light also setting them up by the torches gives you increased comfort so that is an added bonus but definitely a good one in a pinch.

Dug Out A Tunnel

You can actually use rocks in the world generation and shelters you can see we actually dug out a little tunnel underneath this rock and it just far enough so we could sit back and actually make a fire right so we take fire pop right sit on down get my wrestler buff to get out of the rain as long as we far enough in the tunnel I’d be able to protect the fire from water as well from the rain itself and just get all our buff back and everything will be great in the world and you’ll be able to survive you can also find the trees in the swamp that can’t be destroyed sometimes you can find shelter spots underneath them so look for them if you’re in dire need.

Pet peeves

Pet peeves of valheim are people who leave their copper there’s tons of copper underneath the initial cap so under the cap you look down we guess dig down you’ll see there’s copper all over the place this is just a copper mine there’s copper everywhere there’s copper for days you don’t have to run and find more just copper caps you know we mean you just mine this out getting a bunch of it to wall it off if you want to grab a cart take it back home and get the skeleton don’t leave your Valheim Copper Native Gamer it drives me nuts.

Never throw away seats

We will never throw away seeds in valheim we’ll throw away wood and other things before we’ll ever throw a seed we always try to keep seeds the reason for that is for tree farms you need tons of wood and valheim tons of wood you’re going to be smelting you’re going to be building you’re going to need that wood so what we do is keep every seed as we go and then when we get a good pile them, in this case, it’s 120 seats this is what we have planned we grab the elder power so we’ll go ahead and pop that in a second we plant them on a hill usually.

Fall down crash

We don’t have a hill too steep and still works really good so it should work really good but since it’s on the hill they should fall down crash into each other and then just do a lot of the work for you right they just gotta just one smash the other they mash each other up you get a lot of wood so we pop my power we probably do a time-lapse really quick and we’re seeing just how good it goes so you can see it only took about six minutes to cut down about 120 trees which is pretty awesome right it’s pretty amazing we can go around now and just cut off the logs grab the wood get it all gathered up to throw it in a cart and just get that done so this is a really effective way of farming wood and it is definitely something everyone should do.

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