Valheim Advanced Tips


Set up the smallest working Valheim Workbench Native Gamer so all you have to do is set down a Workbench and then you set off a set up a wall a little off-center just like that go ahead and pop up a roof followed by a second roof and this should be working if we just go in there you go we are totally working and we can actually double this up so we’ll go ahead and grab one of these right bam pop one of those that looks good and now we should have shelter as well then on top of that you can actually go one more step and actually use this as an if we can find a little spot there you go mine station you actually get rusted in the rain be protected from the rain and get a rusted bonus on the fly and get us not being wet anymore so actually pretty awesome.

Unlock Both Iron And The Stone

After you’ve gone to the point of the game where you unlock both iron and the stone cutter you can actually come to buildings like this these stone buildings go ahead and throw down a workbench and throw down a stone cutter just like so then go ahead and start reclaiming the material you can go ahead and get all the stone you actually just take out the base supports just like you would with a wood building just using the workbench they’ll actually start all crumbling they just come along with hurt gather it all up and down just watch the chaos happen it’s actually quite entertaining and very very pleasant to watch look at that this is all ours it’s all free stuff let’s take it home one of the biggest things.

Traveling To A New Location

We learned about valheim is whenever we traveling to a new location always keep the bats on me for a workbench first off for most then secondly also a portal and you want to get that portal pretty much on once you get off your ship make sure you have it set up to link to one back home and then you can travel back and forthright so you can get back four if you get in trouble you die you know you’re not stranded right you don’t lose all your stuff you can come back and get it right so all that jazz that’s really good stuff.

we also keep at least six copper on me at any time and usually the stone the wood and the coal as well a little harder with the small ship but later on we get the bigger ship it’s much easier that way we can just straight up make a forge we can make a forge whenever we want right so we can make a forge, of course, I’d have to cover this we not do it right this second but then I’d be able to repair my tools while we without having to go back and forth through the portal over and over because otherwise, you don’t have the copper you can’t bring the copper through the portal the last thing we always do is usually break my ship so if you actually destroy your ship.

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